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Upholstery Cleaning | Shorewood IL | 815-730-9450Most homeowners spend their time and hard-earned money to furnish their homes tastefully. One of the best ways to protect the investment in your upholstered furnishings and extend its lifespan is to use our professional upholstery cleaning service on a regular basis. Over time, your furniture becomes a magnet for dust and pollution. All of the tiny particles of dirt that settle on the beautiful fabric begin to dull the once vibrant colors, designs and patterns, leaving you with furniture that looks old and worn out before its time.

But our professional upholstery cleaning techniques can remove even microscopic-sized dust and allergen particles that cut into upholstered fabric, making it look listless and dull. As a result, the fabric looks newer, brighter and cleaner for a longer period of time. Professional upholstery cleaning is also essential for removing unsightly spots that have been left on fabric due to food and beverage spills, in addition to removing the build-up of body oils and other damaging stains that occur over time. Our professional upholstery cleaning also eliminates pet urine and vomit stains along with their odors that not only linger in furniture fabric but also seep out into the atmosphere.

Our professional upholstery cleaning service is a great way to deodorize your furniture from smoke, cooking odors and pet smells, leaving it smelling fresh and like new again. Amateur attempts to clean upholstery are never as thorough as our professional upholstery cleaning results and may actually damage delicate fabrics and leave additional spots and rings. Protect your investment in your favorite furnishings by enjoying all the benefits that our professional upholstery cleaning service can provide.