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Spot Cleaning | Shorewood IL | 815-730-9450Over time, the simple sweep of a vacuum cleaner over home carpeting won’t remove the tough and stubborn stains that have accumulated. If you think your only option is to replace your carpets because there are numerous spots and stains that you can’t erase using home remedies, consider hiring the professional spot removal services of KleenTech Carpet Cleaning. Not only can our expertise help to prolong the life of your carpeting, our special carpet cleaning techniques can work wonders toward removing unsightly spots and restoring your carpet to like new condition.

Homeowners who attempt to remove ugly pet, food and beverage stains and other hard to erase spots from their carpeting usually make the problem worse and actually do more damage because they simply succeed at rubbing the spot deeper into the carpeting fibers or manage to merely lighten the spot, causing even more attention to the damaged area. The KleenTech Carpet Cleaning crew are specialists at professional spot removal. We evaluate each and every carpet we service to determine the type of carpeting fibers and the best cleaning technique to not only remove the spot but also avoid further damage to the area. The result is a beautifully restored carpet with no tell-tale signs that a stubborn, hard to remove spot ever existed.

KleenTech Carpet Cleaning has years of experience in professional spot removal so you can trust us to get great results at removing the spots that are preventing you from enjoying the investment you originally made in your home’s carpeting. Our professional spot removal service is affordable, quick and guaranteed to give your carpeting a new lease on life.