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ScotchGard Protection | Shorewood IL | 815-730-9450Carpet is a major home investment. Maintain your house to promote ideal health. Remove environmental contaminants, like smoke, pollen and exhaust. Our cleaning professionals use carpet protectors, like ScotchGard, to prolong the value of your carpet and furniture.

The carpet protector ScotchGard provides maximum protection by sealing into every fiber. This protector works on dry soils along with all kinds of dyes and liquids. Mud and soil are common carpet stains. Spilled drinks and liquids soak into carpets and cause difficult removals. Oil and grease do worse damage. Use carpet protection chemicals to lengthen the time between reapplications.

As a fluorochemical, ScotchGard provides protection against solids and liquids. It works like a wax coating does on a vehicle. If you apply the carpet protector properly, it prevents drinks and other liquids from soaking into the carpet. Liquids that spill on a coated surface will form into beads. Reapply a carpet protector at least once a year for normal traffic. Use trustworthy carpet cleaning providers who do not make the chemicals watery and ineffective. Work with a company that is certified and carries high quality standards. It is easy to clean any delicate surface, from Oriental rugs to hard carpets, with the right product.

As cleaning professionals, we recommend carpet protection for many people but not everyone. Usually, we have to look over your carpet and furniture first. We have to know the carpet age, material and condition. Even so, a carpet protector, like ScotchGard, is usually recommended to increase vacuum effectiveness.