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Commercial Floor Care | Shorewood IL | 815-730-9450Commercial floor care is something that is frequently overlooked by store owners. It is easy to be consumed by the products, services, and employees. When this happens, the details, like the condition of the flooring, take a back seat. However, having the floors professionally maintained can really liven up the look of your commercial area.

The professionals will know how to take care of the floors without causing damage. Too often people use cleansers that are too harsh for the material. They will not simply use the same product for your floors that they use for all other floors. A professional will take the time to figure out which cleanser or combination of cleansers will provide the brightest results without damaging the finish of the floor or fibers of the carpeting.

Though it will require that we move furniture and area rugs from the room, our professionals will do the job as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Still, stripping and waxing a floor does take some time. We do use a floor care machine to treat our customers’ floors, but some areas are impossible for the machine to reach. In that case, we will strip and wax and buff the area by hand. Some floors need to have a commercial sealer applied before a new wax coat is applied. But our customers shouldn’t worry. Our professionals are thoroughly trained in the ways each type of floor should be rewaxed.

When the look of the building is clean, more customers are apt to enter it. The floor is one of those details that may not have anything to do with your business practices, but it is vital to the upkeep and maintenance of your location. Consider professional commercial floor care to give your business a boost.