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Commercial Carpet Cleaning | Shorewood IL | 815-730-9450Professional carpet cleaning keeps your offices and buildings attractive to your customers as well as the employees you hire. Being certain that the environment in which people work is not only sanitary but also attractive can reduce workplace illnesses and time off.

Regular carpet cleaning helps keep allergens and dust down in the commercial workplace, benefiting your employees and the people your lessees may hire. The cost of carpet in a workplace represents a substantial outlay of money Protect that investment by being assured that the carpet is treated with professional care. Daily wear and tear can reduce the life of a carpet up to five years, depending upon its fiber.

Professional carpet cleaners make the job of keeping your workplace clean and attractive much easier. We can do a thorough job by using heavy-duty equipment. Our trained professionals competently remove stains that occur in a normal day and even some that are out of the ordinary. They protect valuable office equipment from damage in the process and allow you to trust the result.

Ordinarily, depending upon the size of the space to be cleaned, the carpet cleaning process occurs over a weekend, leaving the carpet clean, deodorized, and dry for occupancy on Monday morning. Better yet, we move the furniture!

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